Crystal FrazierIn association with Rennie Harris Puremovement PureMovement Kidz was founded by core member Crystal Frazier 2009 as a means of engaging the community and disseminating the history of hip hop dance and culture. We at Rennie Harris Puremovement are proud to announce the launching of this exciting addition to the family of Rennie Harris Puremovement and Rennie Harris RHAW. 2011 will mark the official launching of PureMovement Kidz. Throughout the year PureMovement Kidz will host workshops in, but not limited to B-boying/girl (Breaking aka Break Dance), Popping, Campbell Locking (aka Locking), Hip Hop and Street Funk. Students will be taught foundational, codified-vocabulary of the aforementioned street dance styles.

PureMovement Kidz (PMK) will learn a variety of street dance styles that fall under the umbrella term "hip-hop." They will also learn its history, terminology and rhythms. Statistically 50% of todays youth will develop Diabetes in the next 5-7 years. PureMovement Kidz will undergo stamina, strength, flexibility and endurance training in order to counter balance this statistic. We aim to produce physically fit and mentally sound dancers who can make informed choices regarding their health while simultaneously contributing to the positive celebratory foundation of Hip- Hop dance and culture.

Puremovement Kidz

Our goal is to instill discipline, leadership skills and individual and community awareness within the culture of hip hop. This in turn will provide building blocks for self esteem and confidence. In addition PureMovement Kidz will have a chance to display these new skill sets by way of an informal showing at the end of the workshop.

Here at PMK, we believe in disseminating authentic Hip Hop and Street Dance technique as a unique artistic expression. We encourage students to express their unique brand of expression through hip hop dance. In addition to learning codified vocabulary students will have the chance to experience dramatic works choreographed by core members of Rennie Harris Puremovement (informal showing). Not only will these works expose students to performing but they will also learn theater etiquette and practices such as staging, spacing, discipline and various pre and post production practices As well

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