(Rennie Harris Awe-Inspiring Works)

Conceived in 2007, Dr. Rennie Harris originally founded Rennie Harris Awe-Inspiring Works, known affectionately as RHAW, as a youth organization driven by community outreach, education, i.e. lectures and classes, as well as mentorship. Dr. Harris’s inspiration for this youth driven company (second company) was inspired by the overwhelming interest from teens and young adults to join his internationally renowned company Rennie Harris Puremovement. Ultimately RHAW is a training company that teaches its pre-professional dancers professionalism, production, theater etiquette, street dance history, technique in the various styles of street dance, such as but not limited to: Campbell Locking, Popping & Boogaloo, B-boy/girl, House and Hip hop social dance. RHAW has ushered in Harris’s newest and brightest street dancers who have been featured in the premiere works of Rennie Harris Puremovement. Downplaying the abstract while pushing a dramatic aesthetic, RHAW forges new paths for young hip hop hopefuls, and will present Hip hop in its “RHAW-est” forms as we take it back to basics.


Dr. Rennie Harris’s understanding of youth culture is displayed in the performances and teachings of Rennie Harris Awe-Inspiring Works. This Next Generation company is designed and structured to focus on youth & urban culture. Our goal is to encourage youth by demonstrating discipline and focus through Hip-hop theater performance, and education and outreach programing. In addition, our mission is to collaborate in residency with communities at large i.e. national and international communities, where we hope to foster and cultivate Hip Hop culture and preserve its legacy. Outreach and community partnerships are major components of this company. 

“I am inspired to commune with the humanitarian conscious of us all. My hope is to communicate to ones primal self ones core being. In doing so, I have found we are reminded of who we are. This is what I call my “work”. The acknowledging of one’s spirit, of one’s right to experience, to love, to worship freely as it was intended. I am awestruck; I am inspired to continue touching people’s lives. Challenging realities through my work. This is my small but necessary contribution to the world at large. RHAW will carry on the legacy of freedom displayed in street dance and will do so by using hip hop & funk dance as a free expression. Proving once again that we the people have a right to be heard and to be loved…”

~ Dr. Rennie Harris