Legendary choreographer, Rennie Harris, is set to restage his classic work, ‘Rome & Jewels,’ from his company Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM), where he serves as founder, artistic director, and choreographer. Critically acclaimed as an Elizabethan masterpiece, Rome & Jewels is a retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set in the streets of Philadelphia. This restaging in 2022 will honor the 30th anniversary of RHPM. 

When I was young, I saw West Side Story and immediately thought to myself, “why aren’t there street dancers in this movie?” I re-imagined it with street dancers every time I watched the film. Little did I know I’d grow up to become a choreographer.   Some years later, around the mid to late 1990s a thought popped into my mind: “Do a Hip-hop version of West Side Story.” Immediately I began to create the work in my head and in my dreams when I slept. I was consumed with the idea. By 1996-97, I started to work out choreographic phrases with the company. I also secretly began casting dancers. I cast Duane Holland as Romeo (in my head). One day before the start of rehearsal, one of the dancers, Rodney Mason, walked through the door and yelled aloud, “Yo Rome, thou art a villain, so what’s up”?! BOOM! Goes the dynamite! Down goes Liston in the first round. That night I began writing the working script, and sometime during the creation process Ozzie Jones, D. Sabela Grimes, and Rodney Mason jumped on board and began writing. And, as they say, the rest is history. 

Rome & Jewels is a story of fear, love, violence, and triumph that can give us insights into many of the racial, religious, and economic questions we face. Hip hop is the most important original expression of my generation with endless possibilities to create and innovate. The goal of restaging the work is to introduce new audiences to my work and the essence of real Hip-hop.  The title itself is an encoded jab at the Hip-hop community. Rome = Roam, Jewels = jewelry. It means roaming for jewelry. In my opinion, the Hip-hop community is always roaming or rather searching for the golden grail/money, as if it were their only means of rising out of their current situation.   

Ozzie Jones’s opening monologue explains it brilliantly. “Big and Pac roamed for jewels, but don’t we all? You ain’t nobody until you’re somebody on some motherfucka’s wall. One big, black, fat, and ugly, the other scarred up like tags on a train. Spitting freestyles for thirty G’s with pounds of weed on the brain. Now here, heartbreak gets popped too-while bullets crash through. Cause in the jungle sometimes what love got to do? When all your eyes are set on nothing you get tempted like David Ruffin. Cause in the death angel’s arms, our screams sound like mumbling.  Through Rome, we see Jewels, and Rome stands for quest to get love props or dough before he dies from the stress.”

Rome & Jewels broke ground nationally and internationally, winning 3 Bessie awards, a Shakespeare Theater Award, and a nomination for the United Kingdom’s Lawrence Olivier award. As a performance, it accompanies a large body of work by RHPM that has built a tradition of offering global audience’s new connections to theatre and music while staying rooted in the best traditions of Hip-hop and street dance. Rennie Harris Puremovement is the longest-running street dance theater company in American history and is “the” preeminent ambassador and elder of Hip-hop and Street dance culture.


Rodney Mason (Rome) Original Cast

Transplanted to Portland, from South Philly, Rodney is a Song and Dance man who won the starring role of” Tony Sinclair” for the Tanqueray worldwide campaign beating out the Wayans brothers and 800 candidates in the US and UK for this sophisticated Black Brit. Rodney has become a famous character in commercials, print/editorial, billboards, interstitials, and live guest appearances at major events.

You can view the on-going campaign at;  Rodney has served his country and is a Gulf War Veteran. His experience defending his country as a Marine has colored his work and his performance message. He is also a theatre and performance artist, utilizing his Street Dance skills, spoken word poetry, and rap to create many unusual and original characters for film, television, commercials, and stand-up comedy appearances. Also, Rodney has worked with the Groundlings and 2nd City in Chicago; toured the world with Rennie Harris Puremovement, an American Street Dance Theater company out of Philadelphia PA, as a core member.  He is known for his award-winning role (Lawrence Olivier Award—Best Performance) in ROME & JEWELS. Other stage work includes TOTEM ROAD with the Olive Dance Company and a stint with the Baltimore Outreach Program in YO BALTIMORE, where he received critical acclaim. His TV appearances include the MTV Vibe awards, hosting Comedy Central, and numerous cable TV interstitials. 

d. Sabella grimes (Benvolio aka Ben V) Original Cast

A 2014 United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow-is a choreographer, writer, composer and educator whose interdisciplinary performance work and pedagogical approach reveal a vested interest in the physical and meta-physical efficacies of Afro-Diasporic cultural practices. Described by the Los Angeles Times as “the Los Angeles dance world’s best-kept secret” and as “one of a mere handful of artists who make up the vanguard of hip-hop fusion,” Grimes is considered one of the most imaginative and innovative artists in his field. His AfroFuturistic dance theater projects like World War WhatEver, 40 Acres & A Microchip, BulletProof Deli, and ELECTROGYNOUS, consider invisibilized histories and grapple with constructed notions of masculinity and manhood while conceiving a womynist consciousness. He created and continues to cultivate a movement system called Funkamentals that focuses on the methodical dance training and community building elements evident in Black vernacular and Street dance forms. Previously, Grimes co-authored and performed as a principal dancer in Rennie Harris Puremovement’s award-winning Rome & Jewels. He received a BA in English and MFA in dance and choreography from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Clyde Evans Jr. (Mercutio) Original Cast

Clyde Evans, Jr. began dancing Hip-hop at 11 years old. Originally from Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Evans immigrated to the United States in the early 80’s where he began to learn how to “Break.”  It was the Hip-hop phenomenon of “Breaking” that inspired him to dance and allowed him to fit in to American culture. His circle of friends encouraged him to dance on a popular kids television program, Dance Party USA where he met Rennie Harris, who is the pioneer of Street dance theater.  In 1991, Evans became a founding member and lead dancer in Harris’ company. In 2001 Clyde founded Chosen Dance Company which was a result of his faith in God and the belief of presenting Hip-hop in a way that loves, is responsible, constructive and uplifting to its audience.  This attitude has allowed him to teach and perform Hip-hop all over the world, appear in movies and videos with renowned celebrities Robert Redford, Jill Scott, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Brad Pitt and most recently M. Night Shyamalan. It has also afforded him the opportunity to perform in events like the ESPN X-Games, appear in commercials featured during the NFL Super Bowl, 106 & Park (BET), tours for Sunny D, etc.  From the summer intensive dance progam at Bates College, recreational centers in the inner city to Americans Best Dance Crerw, Evans continues to teach Hip-hop at all levels throughout Philadelphia. Currently Clyde teaches at Wesleyan and Drexel University.  Evans artistic mission is to utilize technology with dance across genres of performance art. 

Joel Martinez (Merc) Original Understudy

Joel “Teknyc” Martinez was born and raised in Santurce, Puerto Rico, until 13. He credits an early interest in breaking “breakdancing” to his older brother Willie Martinez.  As a B-boy Teknyc and his crew, Skill Methodz became one of the most iconic crews in the dance’s street dance history as a graffiti writer Teknyc is a proud member of one of the most legendary crews, Fame City Kings (FC) and Fast Breaking Artists (FBA). Teknyc has painted murals worldwide – from NYC, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Paris, Japan, London, Amsterdam, Portugal, Dubai, Prague, Berlin, Argentina, and Brazil. He was also a member of Rennie Harris Puremovement in Rome & Jewels, Facing Mekka, and Repertory works nationally and internationally.  As a member of RHPM, he served as an ambassador of Hip-hop for President Obama’s Dance Motion USA that toured Israel, Eygpt, Jerusalem, Ramallah, and other surrounding countries on behalf of the United States.  

Ron Wood (Tybaut) Original Cast

aka Zen One is a self-taught dancer in the competitive form of Hip Hop, a style of dance where individuality is at its base.  Involved in the Philadelphia club scene since 1988, Zen wasn’t introduced to the theater world until joining Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM) in 1995.     As a solo choreographer, Zen has shown work at Aaron Davis Hall’s E-moves (Harlem, New York), the Sixth Annual African-American Festival of Dance (Austin/Houston, Texas), 5’5” and Under (Philadelphia, PA), Martha @ the Bride (Philadelphia, PA), and the 2001 Kumquat Benefit (Philadelphia, PA). He is also the founder and artistic director of the Zen One Dance Collective (ZODC); a theater based Hip Hop Company that explores the fusion of dance, martial arts, and music. ZODC premiered work at the 2002 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and has also performed at ST. Stephens (Austin, TX) and done promotional work for Mt. Dew and Philly Style Magazine. Zen is also an accomplished martial artist holding the ranks of Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and Professor in ASCAB Capoeira, both of which he blends into his choreography. Zen was awarded the Arts and Humanities Small Learning Certificate for teaching capoeira to transitional students from Olney High School and holds classes twice a week at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia.  In addition, he volunteers in the ASE program for African-American youth at Penn campus and teaches both nationally and internationally at universities and dance studios such as the Danscenter (Stockholm, Sweden), the Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, Maine), and Longwood College (Longwood, VA). Zen also composes most of the music for ZODC and has done outside works for Emily Hubler (Group Motion), Rennie Harris’ Facing Mekka, Kelly Kel’s Mind Expansion, and collaboration withdancer Grace Mi-He Lee.

Raphael Xavier (Tybaut) Original Understudy

Joel “Teknyc” Martinez was born and raised in Santurce, Puerto Rico, until 13. He credits an early interest in breaking “breakdancing” to his older brother Willie Martinez.  As a B-boy Teknyc and his crew, Skill Methodz became one of the most iconic crews in the dance’s street dance history as a graffiti writer Teknyc is a proud member of one of the most legendary crews, Fame City Kings (FC) and Fast Breaking Artists (FBA). Teknyc has painted murals worldwide – from NYC, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Paris, Japan, London, Amsterdam, Portugal, Dubai, Prague, Berlin, Argentina, and Brazil. He was also a member of Rennie Harris Puremovement in Rome & Jewels, Facing Mekka, and Repertory works nationally and internationally.  As a member of RHPM, he served as an ambassador of Hip-hop for President Obama’s Dance Motion USA that toured Israel, Eygpt, Jerusalem, Ramallah, and other surrounding countries on behalf of the United States.

Brandon Albright (Tybaut) Understudy

Brandon began his career (1984) as a member of the famed Philadelphia based popping group “The Scanner Boys”-1980-1992.  Working his way up in the industry as a B-boy and Hip-hop dancer,  he toured and danced for major recording artists such as the first gangster rapper Schooly D, Will Smith, Tuff Crew, Boys II Men, LLCool J, Run DMC and the Beach Boys to name a few.   After his stint in the commercial entertainment industry he performed, danced and directed for Rennie Harris Puremovement.   In 2000 he founded Illstyle & Peace Productions a multicultural Philadelphia-based dance company.  His company creates work rooted in contemporary, West African, old-school, and new school hip-hop blended with an eclectic mix of disciplines, including breaking, popping, locking, tap, hip-hop, and house dancing.  Illstyle & Peace Productions has toured to critical acclaim nationally and internationally, a nd is committed to delivering positive messages to all audiences.   Illstyle & Peace Productions was a 2013 US Culture Ambassador, chosen by the state department and Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and toured Russia Belarus and Ukraine.  Artistic Director Brandon Peace Albright is well-versed in various styles of street dance.  His most recent work for Illstyle, Impossible IZZpossible, which entails locking, popping, breaking beatboxing, hip-hop, tap modern jazz African dance, belly dance, singing and DJ’ing was presented at BAM has been touring nationally and internationally to critical acclaim. Albright also leads high energy workshops, master classes, and educational programs including Become Your Dreams, a history of hip-hop; Hip-Hop Math a math lecture demonstration program;  and No- Bullying STOP-Bullying, And Let’s Be Friends: an anti-bulling show. He is especially passionate about the universality of hip-hop and continues to seek inspiration from other dance forms and arts. His latest project for Illstyle is called we dance to inspire. 

Ozzie Jones (Old Man/Dramaturge) Original Cast

Born in West Philadelphia September 6th, 1970 Mr. Jones has directed The Countess Cathleen by William Butler Yeats and composed the score for Third and Indiana by Steve Lopez for the Arden Theater Company.  A representative for the Philadelphia Theater Initiative in the United States and Europe, he also became the First African American in the Republic of Ireland’s history to direct a play in Ireland for an Irish Theater company directing a production of Othello for Second Age Theater. The production David Nolan of the Irish Times called the production “the most creative and innovative production of Shakespeare seen in Ireland in decades.” Ozzie “Old Man” Jones, along with Larry “Mr. Cisum” Fowler Jr., and Jared “Grand Agent” Taylor, started the hip hop group NAME. Name went on to become one of the central figures in the Neo-Soul and underground Hip hop scene in Philadelphia, which produced stars like DJ Drama, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, and The Roots. The records released by NAME within 1995 and 2000 include, Mohammed Ali, Black Thought, Artist of the Yeah (Featuring Poor Righteous Teachers and Schooly D), Twelve, Logic, and By Design by Grand Agent featuring Ozzie “Old Man” Jones. NAME toured throughout the United States and Canada.  In 2000 Mr. Jones became the Producing Artistic Director of the Walt Whitman Arts Center in Camden, NJ, until 2007. Currently, Mr. Jones is developing an extensive series of plays on Jazz called The Real Book. He has directed staged readings of two of the plays in the Real Book series; Chasin’ the Bird by Ozzie Jones at Penumbra Theater in Saint Paul Minnesota and Kind of Blue by Ozzie Jones for an African Continuum Theater at Arena Stage in Washington, DC and a full production at the Freedom Theater in Philadelphia. Mr. Jones has just completed writing a road gang and cotton field hollers opera called, Gwine Dig a Hole.  Ozzie Jones just stared in the film Hail Mary written and directed, Nnamdi Kanga shot in Boseman, Montana, to be released in Spring of 2021. 



Evil Tracy The International Showoff Original DJ

Started under a local Philly legend, DJ Grand Master Ant, who used to rock house and block parties back in (1981). Ant would let Tracy and a friend carry crates and rap with his legendary Philly group Fatal Funk Force. Eventually, Tracy began DJing under his cousin DJ Kid Swift and later founded Action Figure Crew, which included his cousins DJ Kid Swift, DJ Aktive, and DJ Ghetto (Battle Champions) along with other legendary Philly DJs. To his credit, Tracy is in video and television programs such as Street Soldierz, by On The Go Magazine and the Tru Heads Movie, which premiered on HBO, BET, and The Avenue. He has opened for several artists, including Busta Rhymes, Raekwon the Chef of Wu-Tang Clan to name a few. Tracy has toured briefly with Lyfe Jennings and did a couple of shows behind Melanie Fiona at two separate events home in Philly. He has also toured with Rennie Harris Puremovement on three award-winning productions; Rome and Jewels, Illadelph Legends, and Facing Mekka, all of which are internationally acclaimed. Also, Tracy was able to showcase his talents on Broadway (NYC) and London’s West End. He was the star DJ for Illstyle & Peace Productions “Hit the Breaks” -a B-boy and tap dance show. Additionally, he has performed in the internationally acclaimed Steve Love production of Break The Urban Funk Spectacular. Tracy is also the creator of his show Needle To Da’Groove, which toured briefly to three U.S. Cities.  “In black society, being a showoff is frowned upon. The term itself means someone is doing the most or being extra, over the top with whatever they’re doing, wearing, or saying at the time to impress whoever. Simply put, I own it, I’m a showoff because when you think about it, every professional artist that you know gets paid to travel the world and show off their skill or knowledge.” When you come to see artists perform, it’s called a “show.” When we are on our game, we often refer to it as going off on stage or wherever. I have to be honest and say, I like it when my family and friends are in the audience. It inspires me more because I’m literally showing off for them” ~Evil Tracy The International Showoff~

DJ Razor Ramone Original DJ

DJ Razor Ramon is a DJ/ Turntablist/ Producer from Philadelphia, Pa. He has been in the Philly Hip-Hop scene for over 30 years and has been influenced by DJs such as Grandmaster Flash, Grandmixer D.XT., the late Jam Master Jay, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Cash Money. The award-winning Turntablist is the 2001 Philadelphia City Paper Pitch Control DJ Battle Champion as well as the 2002 NBA All- Star Weekend DJ Battle Champion and the 7- time Power 99fm ( Clear Channel ) DJ Battle Champion. Ramon has also performed on stages throughout the United States and internationally including Toronto ( Canada ), Venice ( Italy ), Monaco ( France ), London ( U.K. ), 23 cities in The Netherlands, Auckland (New Zealand), 6 cities in Mexico, Bejing ( China ), and Melbourne and Sydney (Australia). Razor Ramon has performed with such artists and poets like Ursula Rucker, Mo Beasley and Rich Medina, Hip Hop artists Grand Agent, Kenny Muhammad The Human Orchestra, Poor Righteous Teachers, DJ Cash Money, Supernatural, Medusa, Hezekiah, Boogaloo Sam ( the creator of popping & boogaloo )& The Electric Boogaloos, the late Don Campbell ( the creator of Campbell Locking ), Crazy Legs, Pop Master Fabel. The Rock Steady Crew, Illstyle and Peace Productions Dance Theatre Company, Danse4Nia Repertory Ensemble, and Rennie Harris Puremovement American Street Dance Theatre Company to name a few.  Ramon was part of one of the first Hip- Hop acts to perform at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Pa. ( Rennie Harris’ Hip- Hop Legends ). He has commercially recorded music with Grand Agent, Mel Ink, Shawn Kelly, Boyz II Men, Wort Und Totschlag (W.U.T.-German Hip Hop Artists), and NFL Films.  He also released two solo albums entitled INTRODUCING THE TURNTABLISTIC DJ RAZOR RAMON and FOR BEATS SAKE VOLUME I.  DJ Razor Ramon is the recipient of the 2003 Philly DJ Appreciation Award for his years of dedicated service, and he continues to create music, perform in theatres, clubs, and lounges throughout Philadelphia and abroad displaying his skills and passion for the art of Turntablism.

DJ Mr. Cisum Original DJ

Larry D. Fowler (DJ Mr. Cisum) is a Philadelphia based theater sound designer, radio imaging producer, and music producer whose work spans 20+ years. Theater companies Larry has designed for include Arden Theater, Wilma Theater, Azuka Theater, Interact Theater, Theater Horizon, People’s Light, New Paradise Labs, Simpatico, Theater Exile, The Lantern Theatre, Denver Center, Trinity Rep, ELeon Dance, Danse4Nia, and Khaleah London Dance. He is a 3-time Barrymore Award nominee for his work on Blood Wedding (Wilma Theater, 2017), Peter and the Starcatcher (Theater Horizon, 2018), and Hype Man (Interact Theater, 2018).

In broadcast radio, Larry has been an in-studio producer and board operator for Radio One, Inc. in Philadelphia and is currently an imaging producer, voice over artist, and content editor for Healthcare Now, an online radio station with a focus in healthcare technologies and logistics.  Music production sees Larry‘s talents weave in and out of various genres with original compositions and remixes for local talent that goes back to the mid-1990’s with beginnings in the Philadelphia underground Hip-Hop circuit with the group, NAME. He was also part of the DJ trio that toured the groundbreaking production of Rennie Harris’ Rome and Jewels during the start of the new millennium.  Samples Link: “Don’t Apologize. Just fix it for next time”-Walter Dallas


Pamela Hobson Original Lighting Designer

Pam began her career at Howard University in 1982 in Washington, DC.  the original lighting designer for Rome & Jewels, and repertory works.   She was also the road manager for Rennie Harris Puremovement as well Lejá Dance Company, Patty Labelle,  INVINCIBLE: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson, created, produced and directed by Darrin Ross for RossLive Entertainment, The Boys Choir of Harlem and many other artists and company’s.  Pamela Hobson is the founder and director of INTO THE LIGHT productions in 1996 and is a veteran lighting designer who has shaped the industry for over 25 years. 

Darrin Ross Original Sound Designer/Composer

recently completed the score and soundscape for Alvin Ailey American Dance theater’s first two act ballet called LAZARUS. Darrin has been collaborating with Dr. Rennie Harris for over 35 years. He started by producing and engineering songs with Jam On Productions in 1984. His work with Jam On Productions led to various television and record productions.  Eventually, Darrin founded I.Q. Records.  He also did sound design and composition for Suzan Lori Parks’ TopDog/Underdog.  Ross, over the years, has received numerous grants for his works from the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Meet The Composer, Dance Advance, and recently from the Gross foundation.  He is the recipient of a 2001 New York Dance & Performance Award (Bessie) for his music composition and soundscape for Rome and Jewels. Ross has worked with and established many artists in the industry such as: Jazzy Jeff, Newcleus, Doug E. Fresh, Freeway, Kim Waters, The Roots, Bahamadia Todd Terry, Joanna Gardner, The Intruders, Mike Knox, and many more. His sound design and composition credits include Rennie Harris Funkedified,  Rennie Harris Lifted, HEAVEN, Facing Mekka, Rome & Jewels, LOW, Prince Scarecrow’s Road To The Emerald City, The Kimmel Center Presents, Philadanco : The Philadelphia Experience, Same Spirit Different Movement, Impossible Izzpossible, Evolution, Champions of the Dance, BREAK!, The Urban Funk Spectacular, King Michael, Fallen Crumbs from the Cake, Cool Heat Urban Beat, BREAK! and Skate, The Pennsylvania Ballet, The Memphis Ballet, The Colorado Ballet, Hot Mouth, RHAW Love American Style, Maurice Hines’ Hot Feet, The Kennedy Center Honors, Carols in Color, We Dance to Inspire, and numerous dance theater works.  Ross is the president of RossLive Entertainment.  He is currently touring his production Invincible: A Glorious Tribute to Michael Jackson and scoring an upcoming T.V. drama called the N.C.

Don Miller Costume Designer

Donald Miller III is the premiere clothing designer in Philadelphia.  To his credit he is also a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Xavier University of Louisiana.  Currently the founder of Rock Paper Denim 1970, an inspirational apparel brand with an upscale urban prep look that is rooted in the music and culture of the 70’s.  The distressed, but polished, aesthetic portrays the grit and grunt that the grind unselfishly gives along the journey.   With a message being the mantra, the mission of the company is to inspire people with a message of hope that is expressed through style and story. 

 Rock Paper Denim is mainly an athletic casual brand with a range of unique clothing styles.  However, we believe purpose is your finger print engrained on life’s surface.  Therefore, our brand is designed to inspire individuals to aspire to pursue, maintain and manifest their passion.  You’re all welcome. Join us at

Andy Schmitz Lighting Designer

Andy Schmitz is a circus rigger with over 25 years of entertainment industry experience as a Project Manager, Head Rigger, Technical Director, Lighting Director, and Production Manager.  Andy worked his way up to Head of Rigging on Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza while touring over 20 cities on three continents, before he moved back to Vegas to start a family.   Andy has rigged with the Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows “O”, and Ka; and served as the Assistant Head of Rigging at Le Reve.  Prior to his circus career, Andy was a free-lance Technical Director based in Philadelphia, where he had the pleasure of acting as Technical Director for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, worked with the world-class team at Sapsis Rigging, and was the Production Manager for Rennie Harris Puremovement’s Bessie award-winning hip-hop ballet, Rome & Jewels.  Andy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Dance from Alma College; is an Entertainment Technician Certification Program certified Rigger; and a proud member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers who can tye well over 100 knots from memory (and counting!).  Andy is currently the Head Rigger with the New England Center for Circus Arts, where he’s thrilled to be working with the next gereration of world class circus acrobats. While not in the office, Andy loves to climb trees with his son, and CAD design jewelry with his wife.

Mark O’Maley Lighting Designer/Production Manager

Mark O’Maley is an instigator of space, bodies, & ideas – who wears his heart on his sleeve, & the sky on his arm. Since 1991 Mark has created over 1,000 environments for live arts – preferring dance, as people talk too much as it is. His relationship with Rennie Harris dates to 2001 when he toured “Rome & Jewels” & repertory works with RHPM – & most recently designed “Beautiful Human Lies” for his Denver based Grassroots Project. Recent work includes designing/building his house in Vermont out of shipping containers – as well as lighting ’50 Song Memoir” for The Magnetic Fields which premiered at Mass MoCA & Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival. In academia Mark as has taught design for dance at Bennington College, Rutgers University, University of Colorado Boulder, & Vermont Governor’s Institute on the Arts – among others. Mark earned his BA from The University of Massachusetts Amherst, & his MFA-IA from Goddard College.